Third Lecture of Partition Lecture Series delivered by Prof Pabitra Sarkar



Second Partition Lecture delivered by Prof. Saktinath Jha



Project Induction Meeting at Muragacha Govt College, Nadia, West Bengal



Second Partition lecture will be delivered by Prof. Saktinath Jha
on 28th July, 2018




First Lecture of “Partition Lecture Series” was delivered by Dr Sharmistha Sriwastav,  Head of the Department in English, Aliah University, kolkata. 23rd June, 2018

Pipulberia High School programme



Partition Lecture Series (June-July 2018)




21st April 2018

NSOU-CLTCS International Seminar on Abul Mansur Ahmed



Recapturing Partition

15-16 March, 2018
Khulna University, Bangladesh